Bowling fundraisers can be organized in several ways.  Here are a few ideas:

Participants solicit donations for their bowling, either by the pin or flat rate donations.  Then at a pre-determined time, your group comes in and bowls, then goes back and collects the money.  A fee is charged for the use of the lanes.

Your organization promotes the event to businesses or individuals who will sponsor a bowling lane (or two) for a pre-determined donation.  They may also choose to enter a “team” that will bowl on that particular lane.  In return for their sponsorship, the business or individual will be recognized with signs at the lane and programs (if applicable).

Your organization can earn more money by including raffles for donated prizes, silent auctions and mystery games.  Many bowling fundraisers also include food and drink for participants.  All fundraisers can be tailored to fit your organization's needs and can help raise HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.  And it’s so easy!  Please call us for details and reservations.   
We will help you along every step of the way.

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We can help you easily raise extra money for your team or group while having a great time! 
Why choose bowling?   Here are our top 10 reasons!

10 - Bowling is a fun activity and no one sits on the bench
9 -   Participants can be men, women, boys and girls
8 -   Age doesn't matter.  Bowlers are anywhere from 3 to 95
7 -   Our staff will help you plan and organize the event
6 -   We do all the set up and clean up and you have all the fun
5 -   You don’t have to drink all the lemonade you didn’t sell
4 -   There is no large overhead expense
3 -   Our bowling facility is clean, smoke-free and family-friendly
2 -   The event can’t be cancelled due to bad weather
1 -    ***You can raise lots of money for your organization***